Corporate & Organizations



Sacred Roots Midwifery

One of my more recent projects was for Sacred Roots Midwifery, a birth center located in Indianapolis, Indiana. I created a content package over the course of two days, consisting of videos and photography. One of the main points of focus was a walkthrough of their facility. In addition to the facility walkthrough, I created a set of client testimonial videos for Sacred Roots, consisting of 6 couple interviews and 1 group interview. The testimonials highlight the experience couples had delivering their baby with Sacred Roots.

This project was done entirely by myself acting as Producer, Director, Camera Op/DP, and Editor.

Here is Emily and Mike talking about the birth of their son, Will, and how Sacred Roots impacted their pregnancy and delivery. 



Kinship House

Kinship House, a Portland-based non-profit focusing on mental health and therapeutic services for foster and adopted children, contracted my former production company to produce a video for their 2017 Light The Way fundraiser auction. The video was screened at a dinner prior to the auction in order to rally support around Kinship House. 

I was Producer, Camera Op and Editor on this project in collaboration with Tim Jacks, Jennifer Dynes and Adam Lobaugh.



Metro East Community Media

I volunteered at Metro East Community Media to help produce a student-led piece for the 2016 White House Student Film Festival, hosted by The White House in collaboration with SXSW. Over the course of a few weeks, we helped a group of youth write, produce and create their own piece highlighting the epidemic of childhood incarceration. In addition to working various crew positions I mentored youth and taught them the basics of sound recording, camera operation, composition and editing.

“Letters and Numbers” took home an Honorary Mention, and select members of the production (as well as all the youth) were invited to the festival, hosted on The White House lawn.

In addition to making “Letters And Numbers”, we also created a “Making Of” mini-documentary, which features interviews with the cast and crew, behind the scenes footage and more. Check it out!