Nature, Travel & The Outdoors


Landscape & Travel Photography

One of my all-time absolute favorite thing to do is nature photography. If I've got the time, I'm trying to get outdoors and take pictures. I've also included urban and travel photography too. These aren't really 'projects' per say, but this style of photography makes up a lot of what I do, so I figured it was worth including in my portfolio. I mostly upload it to Instagram (you can find me @tevisualarts). 


Wildlife Photography & Videography

While out on my various adventures to take photos, sometimes I like to try my hand at wildlife photography/videography. It's tough, but I'm starting to learn!

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Some wildlife videography taken at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a 141 Acre refuge in Portland Oregon that is home to dozen of migratory birds, as well as rodents and other small mammals.