Narrative & Film



“The Tree”

2nd Unit Director of Photography

Taking place in a world where plants are poison and food is scarce, “The Tree” is a sci-fi student project that shot in Portland, Oregon. This no-budget project took a lot of hard work from a dedicated crew.

For this project I acted as the 2nd Unit Director of Photography. 

“The Tree” was Written and Directed by Chris Diana-Peebles



“Patient Y” - Crowdfunding Promotions

Sound Recordist

Working as Sound Recordist, I helped to create video teasers for the crowdfunding campaign for “Patient Y”, a sci-fi short film that flips the traditional zombie movie on its head.

“Patient Y” was Written and Directed by Julie Lew.


“Gary & June”

Production Assistant

Another film that adds twist to a traditional genre, Gary & June is a tale of heartbreak and reconnection. For this piece I worked as a Production Assistant and lended a helping hand in the camera department, occasionally running slate and moving sticks.