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Passed Death

Passed Death is a Portland-based clothing brand that focuses on a theme of darkness, cynicism and melancholy. I worked with them to create a set of promo videos and photos.

Videos Produced & Directed by me, with Cinematography by Nathan Quigley, and Editing by Tim Jacks.



The Important Project: Interview Series

I partnered up with Tim Jacks, Jennifer Dynes to create an interview series with Ariston Vallejos of The Important Project showcasing people of Portland, Oregon discussing things they love. In this episode, local musician Chelsea Sue talks about music and gives ua an intimiate live performance.

You can find more of the series by clicking here.



Food & Drink Test Footage

Slow Motion Pours

Prior to shooting with new or unfamiliar equipment, its important for me to take an opportunity to test the gear. This is a test put together with Tim Jacks and Nathan Quigley.

Shot on GH4 & GH5 w/ Rokinon Cine lenses.



Another food-related camera test, this time testing the Atomos Inferno with the GH5. Recorded at 4k 10-bit 60fps, this footage was so lovely to edit and grade.