About Me


Being an avid lover of the arts from an early age, I spent most of my childhood playing and composing music. Learning a variety of instruments, playing in numerous groups, and becoming fluent in music theory and composition helped me develop my artistic senses and learn about myself as an individual. I took the skills and concepts I learned through years of music and began to experiment with digital production. As my knowledge of tools, equipment and programs grew, so did my aspirations to experiment and create with a multitude of mediums.

After moving to Portland, Oregon I met Tim Jacks, with whom I created my first short film. “Keep Going” was featured at the 2016 Filmed By Bike film festival, and it took home the Audience Choice Award. Inspired by my successes and natural talent in the field of video production, I decided to enroll in the multimedia program at Portland Community College.  

While completing my Associates Degree, I worked as a freelancer in photography and videography, managing photoshoots, doing live videography and working on sets small and large. Working with a variety of clients, I've spearheaded dozens of projects ranging from music videos and photo shoots, to testimonials and fundraising videos. In addition to freelancing I’ve spent time working with youth and media-related non-profits. 

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